The Notre Dame organ in Paris - with composer Tore Bjrn Larsen


My repertory is considered to be very all-rounded: It covers music from Spanish battlescenes and French Baroque through Buxtehude, Bach and their contemporaries. I also play many of the great romantic composers, Mendelssohn, César Franck, Liszt, plus most of the Danish organ literature from this period. Contemporary music is very often on my programs and includes the French composers Messiaen, Alain and Langlais, and the more recent ones. My interest in contemporary music has led to several premiere performances of new works for organ, including works of Danish composers such as Knud Høgenhaven, Niels la Cour, Leif Thybo, Bernhard Christensen, Fuzzy, Tage Nielsen, Tore Bjørn Larsen, Niels Rosing-Schow, Werner Meyer and Niels Viggo Bentzon.

In France I am especially recognized for my Buxtehude-interpretation,in Denmark for my interpretation of Jehan Alain,and in the United States I am considered the specialist on Carl Nielsen!

Enclosed here are examples of my programming. Today organists must play on many different types of organs built in diverse styles, and one must be able to determine the most appropriate music for the instrument at hand. Often the organ and its disposition give you inspiration and ideas for the program.

Programme aux auditions d'orgue Notre-Dame le dimanche 14 juillet 2002 16h30

Program for Saint Thomas Church Fifth Avenue - March 23 2003

Programme aux auditions d'orgue Notre-Dame le dimanche 9 juillet 2006 16h30